3D on 2D Artworks

Imagine artworks that look like you could walk right into them or that appear to have objects floating in space in front of the artwork.

Creating virtual 3D artworks that are viewable in 3D, has been my passion for thirty years. In 1996, I discovered lenticular printing in my role as a consultant to Kodak's Dynamic Imaging, the perfect medium for displaying my 3D artworks.

Each work is printed as a 3D transparency and displayed lit from behind with an LED panel.  Cords are ugly, and often impractical, so these "Multi-Dimensional Display Portals" are powered by a rechargeable battery pack.  A motion sensor is mounted on the bottom of the frame, so they only turn on when someone is in front of the work, allowing the battery to last up to several weeks, depending on traffic.

Peter J. Sucy

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